Bad Caller (2016) poster

Bad Caller (2016)

1h 01 min

Taryn Spring (Freya Parsons) is a struggling glamour model. All year she's been getting signs that something in life isn't right. Receiving a faded photograph of her doppelganger life begins to slowly descend. A fraud at the helm of a seedy late night television chatline, Taryn has a cynical approach to money and her flamboyance has created enemies. One such rival has beaten her in a restaurant before the first late night moneymaker of the year; 'Superbowl 50'. A few scratches aren't enough to prevent Taryn heading to work but she is oblivious to the real reason behind the assault. She now has a credible death threat hanging over her. Failing to take the night seriously she finds herself locked in her studio but the only caller of the night isn't the phonecall she expected....