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Argylle (2024)

2h 01 min

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The film opens in Greece, where suave British spy Aubrey Argylle (Henry Cavill) prepares to move in on his target, a terrorist named LaGrange (Dua Lipa). After a brief dance together, LaGrange has her assassins draw their guns on Argylle. He then contacts his partner Keira (Ariana DeBose), who uses her tech to find a way for Argylle to get out. LaGrange then corners Argylle and Keira outside and fires at them, hitting Keira in the chest. As Argylle tries to save her, he contacts his other associate, Wyatt (John Cena), to catch LaGrange before she can escape. Wyatt catches her, and he and Argylle interrogate LaGrange to learn who her employer is. It turns out she is working for Fowler (Richard E. Grant), the director who also employed Argylle and Wyatt. LaGrange poisons herself before she can be brought in, and Argylle now wonders who he can really trust.The scene shifts to a book reading by Elly Conway (Bryce Dallas Howard), author of the "Argylle" book series that the character originates from, as the entire scene was from the last chapter of the fourth book in the series. After answering some questions, she later goes to her private cabin with her pet cat Alfie so that she can begin to write the fifth book. She spends the evening writing the whole thing, thinking she has comple