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The King of Wuxia (2022)

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King Hu is the epoch-making master of martial arts cinema. The cinematic aesthetics he created has deeply influenced renowned directors such as Tsui Hark and Ang Lee, and the film industry worldwide. Traveling to Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and the U.S., this film deeply analyzes the extraordinary artistry of King Hu's cinemas through interviews with over 40 heavyweight figures. Also, this is the first time to reveal his madly pursuit of perfection, and the arduous and wandering journey of life. Through Shih Chun's footsteps, like traveling through time, the film returns to the film sets where the scenes were being shot back then. The swordsmen turned old but never gave up searching for the great director's influences, flashing back to fifty years of memories, the sincerity through the relationships are deeply felt.