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Alaska Seas (1954)

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In Alaska, in 1924, fishermen such as Jim Kimmerly keep a watchful eye on their government-controlled salmon traps, mindful of pirates who roam the waters. While heading home in his boat one day, Jim and helper Joe, both reformed pirates, reminisce about former partner Matt Kelly, who left the area after the government clamped down on illegal salmon hauls. Upon docking, Jim learns that a boat owned by a fisherman in the local co-operative was attacked by pirates, whose suspected leader is cannery owner Verne Williams. Hoping to prevent a violent confrontation, Jim tries to negotiate a deal with Williams, suggesting that the co-operative would pay to store half of its fish in his cannery if he put an end to the piracy. Williams, who deals in stolen fish because the co-operative has refused his low buying price, denies any criminal involvement and declines Jim's offer. Jim then learns from inn owner Jackson that Matt has sent a letter to Jackson's daughter Nicky, to whom Jim is engaged. Nicky reads the letter in front of Jim and admits that Matt, a former sweetheart, is returning soon and still has feelings for her. Worried that she will not be able to resist Matt's charms, Nicky asks Jim to marry her immediately, but Jim refuses to force the issue. In another port, meanwhile, Matt