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The Brotherhood of Rebel (2023)

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Seventeen years ago, an assassin ambushes triad boss Yu. Yu's wife, Shing-nam, sends Chai, Kam and others to find the assassin. Chai catches the assassin and discovers that he is Meow, Chai and Kam's childhood best friend. To save his friend, Chai helps Meow flee Hong Kong. Though Yu survives the attack, the injuries leave him crippled for the rest of his life. Since his attack, Boss Yu's influence in the underworld has waned significantly. Though the gang has changed over time, Shing-nam's desire for revenge hasn't unchanged at all. While Chai has already found success as a respected triad figure, Kam's business ventures have been unsuccessful. To help Kam, Chai brings him on a flat reclamation job, doing dirty work for a real estate developer. During a reclamation operation, Chai encounters Meow. After his exile, Meow had to work abroad as an illegal worker to survive. But after getting married, Meow realized that such a life was no longer tenable. Meow secretly returns to Hong Kong to seek an honest living. Chai knows that the triad will not let Meow go if they find him. He offers to help Meow move, but Meow only asks Chai for one month's time. Meow tries to look for a new home on his own, but Hong Kong's notoriously high rent and his wife's pregnancy give him very few options