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Living with the Dead (2002)

2h 01 min

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James Van Praagh (Ted Danson) is a fifty yeared-old man who has his own small business, insomnia at night and leads a lonely life. As his business is going badly, he needs to do something about it, and has the idea of creating the company's own website. He hires a successful professional web designer Midge Harmon (Queen Latiffah).She had been said by her psychic that she would meet somebody called James who has an ailing mother (Diane Ladd). James tells her that his mother is alright, although she's sick in hospital. Soon, James dreams with his dead grandmother (Bethoe Shirkoff) on his mother's side calling his mother. That night his mother dies and is buried with a rosary. James sees a strange woman from Idaho who gives him a nesttle of blue eggs.Midge gives an ouija board to James and she insists that he talk to her psychic, Adrian (Michael Moriarty).James tells recently-widowed woman, Mrs Ziff (Joy Coghill) that his husband (Bill Meilen) did not suffer a heart attack out of the blue. A police informant tried to steal his watch from him and he suffered a heart attack.James' business goes from bad to worst, as Frank, his business consultant (Hiro Kanagawa) advises him. While talking to his psychiatrist (Jay Brazeau) concerning having two sessions with him instead of one, James w