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Bob Marley: One Love (2024)

1h 01 min

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The film opens with a young Robert Nesta Marley (Nolan Collignon) joining his mother as they take a bus from one home to another. This is followed by text explaining how Bob Marley is still known today as Jamaica's biggest star. He grew up from humble beginnings around a time of violence in Jamaica during the 70s after the nation gained its independence from Great Britain.Bob (Kingsley Ben-Adir), already well into his career, goes to a press conference after announcing that he is planning to hold a peace concert, "Smile Jamaica", to unite the nation in the face of political discourse. Some critics fear that Bob is making it look like his is taking a side.Kingston, 1976 - Bob is playing soccer with his friends and sons when thugs start firing their guns in the streets. Bob protects his sons and takes them away, telling them not to worry about what happened (this is also where he starts to come up with "Three Little Birds"). They return to their home, where Bob talks to his wife Rita (Lashana Lynch), as the constant threat of violence around their family puts her on edge.Later, Bob goes to rehearse "I Shot The Sheriff" with his group, The Wailers. Rita steps out momentarily and sees two gunmen running towards the house, while a third aims his gun at her head. The two men enter the