Dark Night of the Scarecrow 2 (2022) poster

Dark Night of the Scarecrow 2 (2022)

1h 01 min
A crooked farm boss tells his employee, Shrievie, to quit slacking off. Shrievie replies that she thought it was okay because the boss has a scarecrow. The boss looks, but the scarecrow is now gone. He says that he never had one before. The boss is trying to force Aunt Hilda off of her land. The scarecrow kills him and then, when his assistant tries to force Hilda off of her land too, he is also killed by the scarecrow. Shrievie is suspected of the murders and goes on the run. Discontented, Jeremy has already become friends with a scarecrow and is making little toy figures of him. Chris also sees a scarecrow in the corn field and starts talking about her secrets with him, planting a flower in its lapel which is somehow returned to her while she sleeps one night. Shrievie is killed by the scarecrow, too, and burned to death in an old barn. Another one of the boss's men sees the scarecrow on the road one day and he is scared out of his truck and then run over by another truck and killed. Chris knows so