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Arena (1989)

1h 01 min

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Forget about Wrestlemania... get ready for Monstermania! When a human fighter takes on a bloodthirsty alien for the galactic championship, it's the grudge match of the millennium!Far in the future, on a distant space station, the legendary Arena is where the best fighters from every planet come to vie for the championship. But for over half a century, no Earthling has been good enough to be a contender. Until out of nowhere, comes an underdog: the great human hope, Steve Armstrong... and the best anyone's ever seen. He's been training all his life for a shot at the big time, but now he's up against some mighty big muscle: a ruthless extra-terrestrial crimelord who'll pull no punches to make sure he stops Steve dead.In the mood for hard-hitting sci-fi action? Arena will knock you out!From the back of the VHS case.