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Project: Metalbeast (1995)

1h 01 min

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In 1974, amoral CIA agent Butler and his inexperienced young colleague locate a Hungarian castle where, according to classified CIA data, a werewolf lives. Their mission is to take a sample of its blood and bring it back to the States for research. The idea is to eventually create an army of soldiers with werewolf-like abilities and resistance to harm. This secret project is dubbed Project: Metalbeast. However, the research is slow and they eventually nearly run out of werewolf blood, so Butler, unhinged, injects himself with the little blood that's left and turns into a werewolf. He goes on a killing spree inside of the CIA research facility but is shot with silver bullets by his boss, Miller. Miller covers everything up and arranges for Butler and his victims' bodies to be cryogenically frozen. 20 years later, a team of medical scientists led by doctor Anna de Carlo, who's obsessed with finding a way to create artificial skin that could help those in need of skin transplant, is ordered by Miller to experiment with their prototype of synthetic skin on Butler's corpse. Miller is increasingly showing signs of insanity and doesn't tell them what Butler is. When they find the bullets inside of the Butler's body and remove them, all hell breaks loose in the facility. To make matters