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Imaginary (2024)

1h 01 min

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Children's book author Jessica is married to musician Max. Max has two daughters from his first marriage: younger daughter Alice, and teenager Taylor. Alice enjoys Jessica but Taylor keeps her at arms length. Jessica is plagued by nightmares which include her mentally-ill father Ben and a fictional character from her books, Simon the spider. When the family moves into Jessica's childhood home, Alice discovers a teddy bear in the basement named Chauncey and quickly forms a bond with him. An elderly neighbor named Gloria, who babysat Jessica when she was a child, reunites with her. Gloria shares memories of Jessica's childhood, which she cannot remember.Alice and Taylor's mentally disturbed biological mother Samantha sneaks into the house to see her daughters and attacks Jessica. When the police arrive to arrest Samantha, Taylor confesses to texting her. Jessica then puts Alice and Chauncey to bed, and remarks that she had a similar childhood friend.Max leaves to embark on tour and Alice becomes hyper-focused on a scavenger hunt she claims was given to her by Chauncey. Chauncey's overwhelming presence in Alice's life begins to disturb Jessica. One day when Jessica leaves to visit Ben, Taylor invites an acquaintance over, Liam. Liam grabs a bottle of liquor which he accidentally sha