Mum & Dad (2008) poster

Mum & Dad (2008)

1h 01 min

The film begins at Heathrow Airport, where Lena, a polish immigrant (Olga Fedori) is working her shift as a cleaner. While there, her colleague Birdie (Ainsley Howard) helps her to clean the toilets. Lena talks about her family and living alone in Hounslow. Lena pulls out a mirror that her grandmother left her, and Birdie takes a shine to it. They get some sandwiches, and Birdie introduces Lena to her adopted brother Elbie (Toby Alexander). Lena tells Birdie that she doesn't get on with her family. Birdie tells Lena that her family care for her, and that they work at the airport too.Lena tries to get Elbie to talk to her, but he doesn't respond. Later, Birdie tells Lena about someone they know who has a dirty sexual fetish, before stealing an MP3 player from the office. She tells Lena that people shouldn't leave things lying around if they don't want them stolen. Lena sees some scars on Birdie, and she tells her that she used to have behavioural problems but she is better now.Afterwards, Lena misses her bus home, and Birdie invites her to stay at her house, near the end of the runway. They climb through a hole in the fence, and enter the house through the back door. Lena discusses how difficult it is to keep in touch with her family.Birdie disappears up the stairs, and Lena decid