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Nowhere to Land (2000)

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Over 300 people are believed to be held hostage in a Boeing 747 enroute from Sydney, Australia, to Los Angeles, California. The plane, under command of veteran pilot Captain John Prescott, is two hours from land; however, early reports suggest that a biochemical device hidden onboard the plane is timed to detonate within the hour. The device, believed to contain a nerve gas ten times deadlier than the Sarin gas released in a Tokyo subway in 1995, is reported to be tied to a countdown trigger with less than an hour remaining. Apparently disguised within passenger carry-on luggage, the bomb seems to have been planted not by a political terrorist, but by a madman acting in hopes of revenge. Alerted to the man's presence in Australia, both governments have begun the chase. The American FBI, present in Australia for security preparations in advance of the upcoming 2000 Olympic Games, have dispatched agents to work in collaboration with Australian police forces. Details at this point are unofficial, but sources indicate that the suspect's general whereabouts are known, and that active pursuit is currently in process. The world is holding its breath in hopes that the pursuit will be successful in time to save the lives of the 300 passengers currently at the mercy of a madman.