Srimulat: Hil yang Mustahal - Babak Pertama (2022) poster

Srimulat: Hil yang Mustahal - Babak Pertama (2022)

1h 01 min

The comedy group Srimulat, which is popular in Java, is suddenly disturbed by the appearance of a more amusing drum player named Gepeng. A telegram from the capital comes: inviting Srimulat to appear on national tv. Srimulat leader, Teguh fulfills the invitation. Asmuni is assigned the task of leading Srimulat to the capital. Teguh invites Gepeng to join Srimulat. In the capital, Gepeng must be able to unite with Srimulat, which consists of Asmuni, Timbul, Tarsan, Tessy, Paul, Basuki, Nunung, Anna, and Djudjuk. In their efforts to merge into the Srimulat family, Gepeng and Basuki meet Royani, the daughter of Babe Makmur, the owner of the rented house by Srimulat. When Gepeng's focus is disturbed because of Royani's presence, Srimulat receives a request to make a special appearance in front of the President and First Lady.