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Riddle of Fire (2023)

1h 01 min

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-SPOILERS-Three children, Alice, Hazel, and Jodie, pull off a heist to steal a new video game console from a warehouse. When they find their TV has been password locked by Hazel and Jodie's sick mom, they agree to bring her a blueberry pie in return for the password and two hours of playing time.After finding the bakery out of pies, and eventually prying the recipe from the baker who is home with a fever, the kids proceed to "borrow" all the ingredients from the local supermarket, only to have a man, John Redrye, steal the final ingredient they need (an egg, speckled for good luck).They track the man back to his cabin where he reunites with the Enchanted Blade Gang, a group of poachers and taxidermists led as a magic cult by their leader, Anna-Freya.When the kids attempt to steal back the eggs from Redrye's truck, they are almost found out and obliged to hide in bed of the truck, going to the mountain for the gang's attempt to bag the Prince of the Mountain, a giant elk Anna-Freya is obsessed with killing. Unbeknownst to all of them, Anna-Freya's young daughter Petal has also stowed away, desperate for a chance to spend time with her mother.In the mountains with no way home, the kids decide to track the gang and steal back the eggs. Eventually teaming up with Petal, they succeed