The Walking Dead Season 4

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Set several months after the attempted attack on the prison by The Governor and his army, the season continues the story of Rick Grimes, who renounced his leadership in order to live a quiet and more peaceful life in contrast to his cold-hearted nature in the previous season. Striving to hold onto humanity, Rick and his fellow survivors struggle to maintain their close to an ideal life at the prison as problems arise in the face of new evil, and threats within and outside the premises, including a deadly flu strain and the return of the atrocious Governor.

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Rick's group has brought the survivors from Woodbury into the prison, and Rick has renounced leadership of the group. The prison has proven a safe haven for many months, while Michonne continues to search for The Governor, fearing his retribution. Patrick, one of new survivors comes down with a fatal illness, dies, and reanimates as a walker.

List of Episodes:

  • S04 E01: 30 Days Without an Accident
  • S04 E02: Infected
  • S04 E03: Isolation
  • S04 E04: Indifference
  • S04 E05: Internment
  • S04 E06: Live Bait
  • S04 E07: Dead Weight
  • S04 E08: Too Far Gone
  • S04 E09: After
  • S04 E10: Inmates
  • S04 E11: Claimed
  • S04 E12: Still
  • S04 E13: Alone
  • S04 E14: The Grove
  • S04 E15: Us
  • S04 E16: A
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TV show info
Release date: October 13, 2013
Genre(s): Drama, Horror, Thriller
Number of
Duration: ~43 mins (each episode)
Languages: English
Subtitles: No
IMDb rating: 8.5 / 10
Country: USA
Actors: Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride
Links: Wikipedia IMDb
Category: TV shows Drama

Published on 04 November 2017 • Last updated: 22 October 2018