Amityville Island (2020) poster

Amityville Island (2020)

1h 01 min

Possessed by the malevolent force of the artefacts left behind in the infamous Amityville House, mother-of-four Kelly Jo does the unthinkable. But, while left to rot in jail, a fate worse than death awaits Kelly Jo and the hard-as-nails inmate Renata, who end up in the secret laboratory of Dr Ormond, nestled deep in the heart of a private island. Undoubtedly, it seems that the deranged geneticist and a handful of unethical scientists have been tampering with nature's creations for quite some time now, giving birth to unspeakable horrors. But, before long, the evil essence within Kelly Jo emerges, polluting the local fauna. Now, there is no turning back. Has anyone ever escaped from the cursed Amityville Island?