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I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (2003)


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Davey Graham is a small-time drug dealer and petty thief who provides cocaine to England's "smart set." After following Davey for a period of time a mystery trio attacks Davey after he leaves a party where he has just completed a sale to a buyer and her mysterious companion. Davey Is anally raped by one of the three attackers, identified later as a car dealer, thereupon he pulls himself together and makes his way to his apartment where he draws himself a bath, gets in fully clothed and several hours later kills himself. As it happens his brother Will has just been fired from his job in a lumber camp because he "had no paperwork" and after trying to call Davey returns to town after a 3 year absence. He had previously been the head of the local mob, so his return prompts a panic in the current head, Turner. When he finds out about Davey's death, he is suspicious and pays for a private autopsy which reveals the likely rape. Will decides to find out who did it and why which he quickly does and then after telling the killer that he will one day come back and kill him, decides to do it then and there instead. Prior to exacting his revenge he calls Helen, the girl he left behind when he went off to the woods, and tells her to pack a suitcase and be ready to go in three hours. Whether she packs or not we don't know, but we see her sitting and waiting, in the company of a hired killer, for Will to come by. Whether he did or not we don't know.